Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

is a hardware and software category, which allows people to make phone calls over the Internet or any other IP network.

The majority of small and medium-region companies today use VoIP communications. It reduces costs and provides a flexible work environment.

The main VoIP advantages is preferred that the calls are normal calls. Especially on international calls VoIP technology is useful because it works in much the same way as e-mail, in which the user does not pay they send over the Internet to individual posts.

Peripheral device

To use the service, customers need a peripheral device (Internet telephone adapter, or VOIP protocol compatible phone), whose price ranges from 50 € to 100 € the route. Boor Communications Ltd. can be installed on the device. However, the Customer is responsible for the terminal and peripheral device, its protection, data security and settings. If the terminal and peripheral device, for example, stolen, lost or damaged, the customer is not released from paying the price of the subscription.

The ownership of the terminal and peripheral device is transferred from the seller to the customer terminal and a peripheral device at the time of the transfer. Distance selling, the title passes to the customer when the customer has received the terminal and peripheral device and is not used in accordance with the 14-day right of withdrawal or if the customer has taken during the 14-day right of withdrawal as an end or a peripheral device access.

Please note

You must use Access number 09315931590. Liittymäoperaattorisi charge in accordance with the calls to the access number 09315931590 price list.

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